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Well here we go, the launch of our shiny new website, helping you get to know what we are all about at QuestLife.

Thanks to Murani and the team at Jargnon.com for making things happen.

At QuestLife, we’re passionate about helping communities, individuals and organisations, to fulfil their full potential with the aid of arts and culture.

We all need it in our life, to keep things nicely spiced.

We’re currently busy delivering our award winning participation project Menstruation to Menopause: Unravelling Herstory. An awareness raising art and storytelling project, co-creating a space with women exploring their experiences, challenging attitudes and associated stigma.

Reel Rebels Radio will be supporting the women to create podcasts. So come back to hear what they have to say.

April will see us back in rehearsal with Swallows Wings with a reworking of the Anansi Tales from West Africa –yippee! You might even catch us at The Manchester International Festival later this year.

For more information, check out our project and production pages on our website.

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