About Us

We believe in spicing up arts and culture to include stories from culturally diverse voices and championing women in all of their guises.

Let’s Create Together.

Our Ethos

Our Mission

Is to help you

To keep questing

For the things that

Make your heart sing

Fuel the imagination

…and inspires you to

Open up to your potential

Don’t stand still

In what you think is




Or your Tribe


Don’t expect the usual stories

We love the richness that comes 

When we decolonise the cultural canon

Raise the profile of

Black Arts & Culture  

Knock down barriers 

To participation 

Champion Women

In our multitude of guises,

& share wisdom

Across generations

We are passionate 

About making work that 

Excites, stimulates

Encourages audiences to 

Pose questions

Challenge limiting beliefs 

…and imbue wonderment

There is a seed 

Of creativity 

That resides in us all

With our collaborative projects

Across art disciplines

We seek to

Inspire yours to grow


Meet Our Founder

Message From Our Founder

Eileen Bellot

I have always followed the threads that have tugged at my creative heart. It’s that spirit of seeking that has given birth to QuestLife.

From childhood I would capture my curiosity for the world around me, through poems and short stories.

I started my career as a Fashion Designer then lecturing in Art & Design across London, Public Speaking and running an award winning arts & wellbeing charity for 17years.

My love for words has led me back to writing and the magical world of theatre. My work has been staged at Arcola Theatre, Park Theatre, Ovalhouse, Vault Festival, Albany Theatre, Rich Mix & Canada Water Theatre.

Through QuestLife I want to work for change in the industry and spice up what we think arts and culture is. Particularly influencing strategic thinking that generates innovative ways of increasing access to the arts for ‘all’. I take on public speaking and presenting opportunities and am a board member at Stage Sight and Tamasha Theatre.

The Committee:

  • Akulah Agbami
  • Janette Smith Dacosta
  • Katrina Fontaine

Our Committee are passionate about creating dynamic work that engages, entertains and increases access to arts and cultural activities for all.

The Committee drive forward QuestLife’s vision by providing advice, guidance and leadership. They help to promote QuestLife across the sector and manage its finances and operational running.

QuestLife is a not for profit organisation working to spread a little joy and spice in the world.