image shows a woman dressed in white vest and underwear, crouching one knee to the ground, over white sheets. She has paint representing menstrual blood on her right hand, inner thighs and on the white sheets below
Image shows a black woman dressed in white robes, wearing a red and black beaded necklace and a bone and tooth necklace. She is facing forward, eyes focused on us. She has her back to a white wall, arms outstretched and palms pressed against the wall

In an age where youth is revered and women feel compelled to polyfill every crack on their face, where is the space for the wisdom of the elder?

The immortal Queen O’Hallows is struggling to wear her crown. In order to claim her queendom, she is tasked to connect with her mortal sisters and find a way get them to share their blood stories, to mend the broken web.

Blood Rites was informed by participatory workshops with women as part of our Menstruation to Menopause project. Along with strategic work with Public Health organisations that improved reproductive wellbeing, commissioning and services for women.

VAULT Festival, Arcola Theatre & Park Theatre.