Anansi the Spider is a trickster who, despite his own fallibility, using guile, wit and inventiveness, overcomes seemingly insurmountable challenges and adversaries.

The tales are full of humour and life. The joy of the Anansi tales is their universality, engaging people of all ethnicities, whilst offering a window into the rich and too often neglected cultural reservoirs of the Afro- Caribbean community.

The Anansi stories travelled with the Slave Trade to the West indies and then, with Caribbean migrants, to the UK. This is an intergenerational project informed by work with Afro-Caribbean elders sharing their memories of storytelling.

The show was taken out to schools to help diversify the school curriculum, elderly homes and the Manchester Festival.

This is a collaborative project with puppeteer Caroline Ada. Project consultants include two leading lights in the world of puppetry, Sarah Wright Artistic Director at Curious School of Puppetry & Judith Hope Artist /Puppet Maker.