Menstruation to Menopause Project

Lack of knowledge and stigma associated with menstruation and menopause can have a negative impact on women’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing outcomes.

Menstruation to Menopause is an art and storytelling project that explores the journey taken between menstruation to menopause, to increase awareness about reproductive wellbeing.

We also tailor training for professionals working with women over 45, eg social prescribers, psychologists, community groups.

When women gather and share their stories, they hold space for the power of peer wisdom to unfurl, and the building of support networks.

We deliver support groups and workshops for women, girls and health professionals. We work with freelance creatives across art disciplines, health professionals, organisations, community groups, schools, as well as arts and cultural organisations.

This project has been supported by Mayor of London, Arts Council England, Phoenix Fund, National Lottery Community Fund and Global Fund for Children

Project Films

Film: Menstruation to Menopause

Film: Menstruation to
Menopause: Exploring

Film: Menstruation to
Menopause: Artwork &

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