Dare to dream R&D

What was your first memory of daring to dream? Not what someone told you, you could be, or expected you to be. That first time you ever stood up and announced to the world, WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE……………

During an artist residency at artsdepot we successfully completed our first round of R&D for Dare to Dream. We spent the time devising, exploring movement, drums and character development.  

We held a sharing with Q&A to test immersive aspects of the play with a live audience. The audience responded well to themes of migration, family, friendship and dreams deferred. There was intrigue over the various characters, excitement for how their stories will develop and what’s to come.

Creative Team

Many thanks to the creative team who made for a fun and fulfilling experience.

Actor: Amelia Parillion
Drummer: Aama Sade
Movement Director: Sara Dos Santos
Dramaturg: malakaï sargeant
Asst. Producer: Hadiru Mahdi
Writer & Director:  Eileen Bellot

Dare to Dream Schools Workshop

As part of the residency, we had a great session with GCSE drama students from Friern Barnet school. They watched an extract of the play before devising a short performances inspired by the theme of pursuing personal aspirations and overcoming hurdles that get in the way of our dreams.

We were wowed by the insightful, thought-provoking responses, their enthusiasm and engagement